A Prayer

I woke up today questioning my existence. I felt an emptiness in the universe and a cold wind whispers in my ears.

I am confused between those whispers. It all makes sense and not at all. How can I question logic? But how I can believe?

Today I spoke with a Muslim woman and asked her why she believes?

A gentle smile lit her face and she offered me to read the Koran. She said, “Just read it. All the answers are there”. She talked from the heart about her pilgrimage and all the emotions that she felt in the holy place.

And later on I talked with a Christian man. I asked him, “Why do you believe?”

He looked confused. The next day he said, “It’s what you choose to believe”.

I looked around. Believers find their proof in every day routines and non believers laugh at them.

I can’t prove your existence, but when I look around I feel your breath. I can’t close my eyes to non believers’ logic, but I can’t close my heart to you either.

When I see the ocean and its strong waves beating the shore, I humbly fall on my knees overwhelmed with your power.

When I see the full moon, I see your face and fall in love with you again.

When I see the rainbow, it reminds me of your secret nature.

My Dearest Lord, thank you for the gift in seeing you in every day.