Darkness Darkness extends its fingers into Your beautiful Soul

Looking for an adventure and new experience You bravely walk on this New Land of Yours. Everything seems so colorful and beautiful and You feel powerful and safe and happy.

You are not looking for advice and run away from the elderly and you dismiss all intruders from this world of yours.

From heart of mine I send you a message.

Please listen.

I see dark shadows extending fingers and getting closer to Your Heart

Be careful! Stay away from the shadows!

They’ll change Your life forever and take away all the colors

My Dearest, please pray quietly in Your Heart for guidance and protection
Look for the right way, not an easy way.

Protect Your Body and Your Soul

I pray for You, my Dearest, from the other side of the river.

You’re on your own, take this responsibly.

Be Safe
Be Smart
Be Wise
And stay away from the shadows

My blessings my Dearest are with You