A quiet night with deep darkness surrounds my house. I light a candle for your glory and put it next to your feet. On a tray, I bring fresh flowers and a cup of water.

I glance on your luminous image and get rewarded by your glowing smile.

My dearest Lord, I run through the world wrapped in desires. With one fulfilled, I have ten more.

Can’t rest and greedily look in to the darkness. I see all the others wrapped in gold and happy, exchanging secrets and their privileges. I want to be much better, richer, on top.

And I race. I race with all of them. When passing one, I see ten more ahead me.

And I can’t stop. I run after desires. I rapidly increase my speed. Right here, I’m almost there, a little faster. Can’t get my breath and with saliva running though my face I scream your name:

God help!

You say
– Just stop

I scream
– I can’t. I’m almost there. Just help me reach it, that’s all I want.

You smile and leave.

I run again. I’m almost there.

Sometimes I feel that if I stop, the race would end. It’s simple it seems. Too simple to believe.

I lift my feet once more again. That’s how this world survives. From rising, winning, stepping on another toe.

I am tired and I want to stop, and want to end this crazy race.

But I can’t believe that I just need to stop. And that’s why Lord I bring you gifts. You just need to help me win, another race. That’s all I need and then I will surrender and I will stop.

You smile again, sip water, put flower in your hair and wave to me once again.

I run, I’m almost there, and then my Lord..

You disappear…