Another Prayer

Another Prayer I close my eyes in front of challenges I need to deal with and walk on the broken glass pretending it doesn’t exist.

Will I have enough strength to pull everything together?

I bend my knees and lower my head, put palms together and humbly ask for help.
For me, my Friend, and another
I don’t want to forget them.

Oh Lord, please give us strength in our path, in finding you.

Can I ask you to fulfill our worldly desires? Will I have more after these are fulfilled?

I don’t know if I can bother you for help or should I just try to achieve everything alone?
I don’t want to offend you by asking.

My heart desires material Love, Friendship, Support. I want Success and Health.

And I ask Your blessing. And I ask You to bless all us too.

Please don’t be offended by this.

I can’t give you empty promises.

But one more time, I ask for one more blessing that at the end of my road I would find You.

That all my seeking, all our seeking finally would bring us back to You.